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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Fruit Cake with dates and raisins

This cake has been in my to-do lists for a long time now. A request from a friend for this special cake made this even more special. I had been browsing online for many good recipes for a fruit cake and finally decided to customize a recipe that I stumbled upon.

Basically, this is the usual yellow cake recipe with the addition of caramel syrup, dates and raisins. You could add any soft fruit as desired. Almonds or any nuts could also be used to make it crunchy.

I used a home made chocolate ganache for the filling and topping. Though the ganache turned out a liquid disaster, I was able to rectify that by freezing the whole mixture for more than a day!

The mehandi design by a friend was an added enhancement to the cake.

  • Soak the fruits in grape juice or any juice of your own choice for a day! Drain the juice and mix them in all purpose flour. This prevents the fruits from settling at the bottom of the cake.   
  • While using mehandi designs on cake, make sure that the designs are not too close to each other and avoid too intricate patterns.
  • When making ganache, be careful about the cream vs chocolate proportion. Use a 1:1 mixture to achieve thick ganache.

: A big Hit among friends!

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