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Monday, May 21, 2012

Tip of the week - Icing Bullet

For me, the worst part about baking and cake decorating is the cleaning. I hate to use the dishwasher for all the cake deco items and so I end up with almost an hour of cleaning the mess that I created! So when I got to know this tip from a friend, I was excited and so sharing on the tip to all others in the baking world!

This is called an icing bullet which helps to avoid cleaning the icing bags.

Necessary Items:

Icing bag
Tips (as needed)
Plastic wrap
Required icing


1. Cut the required length of plastic wrap and place it flat on the kitchen counter.

2. Place the icing on the plastic wrap as shown.

3. Roll the plastic wrap over the icing until fully covered.

4. Hold the ends of the wrap and twist it until both the ends are twisted tight. This is called the icing bullet and can also be stored as such in the refrigerator for later use.

5. Insert the coupler on one end of the twisted wrap.

6. Now insert this bullet with the coupler end into the icing bag as shown in the picture below.

7. The extra wrap that comes out through the coupler should be cut and the coupler along with the tips is fitted to the bag.

8. The other end of the wrap is knotted to avoid the icing coming out through this end.

9. The icing bag is now ready for cake decorating. The icing will not touch the bag and so there is no cleaning to be done. Only the coupler and tips will have to be washed.

Hope this tip serves useful to all readers. :) Meet you soon with yet another tip!

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