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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

How to use the Wilton Fondant (or) Gum paste Tool set

Working with fondant is something that I have started to like over the past few months of handling it and of course gum paste has become a favorite once I learned the art of making sugar flowers.

I have almost all the tools from Wilton used for working with fondant and gum paste. Quite recently my attention fell upon the 10 piece Fondant and gum paste tool set. Exploring all the tools in the set made me realize that I did not know the exact purpose of each tool. If I really wanted to master fondant, I should at least know what each tool is and what it does. I started exploring and here are the results! :)

Lets start from the left.

1. Palette Knife - This is used to cut shapes of your decoration out of the gum paste and fondant. It also can be used for easy lifting of large decorations.  It helps you position flowers in tight areas.

2. Thick and thin modeling sticks - These are the blue sticks with thin and thick points, used for frilling and ruffling petals and leaves; also use as small rolling pins for small amounts of gum paste. You can also wrap pieces of gum paste around the modeling sticks to form tubes or curved flowers.

3. Veining tool with large tip and small tip - This tool adds detail to gum paste leaves and flowers. It acts like a pen to carve into the surface of the decorations. It can also be used to make thin or wide veins on leaves and flowers.

4. Shell tool with knife on opposite end - The shell tool is used to make impressions on borders and to add texture to your gum paste decorations. The knife can be used to trim petals and leaves.

5. Dog bone tool with large tip and small tip - This is used to cup flower centers for a more open look and is used to shape and soften flower petals (like filler flowers). Also used to shape and create flowers, soften the petal edges by pressing the rounded end of the dog bone tool around the petal shape.

6.  Wheel tool with quilting wheel tip and cutting wheel tip - The quilting tip makes quilt stitches on fondant. It makes a pretty pattern on the gum paste petals. The cutting wheel is great for cutting stripes of gum paste or fondant with.

7. Umbrella tool with 6-division side and 5-division side - This tool is used to add detail to flower throats and tops of buds. You can also create flower petals by spearing the desired side of tool (5-sided or 6-sided end) into top of fondant bud on florist wire. Use knife tool to cut desired amount of petals.

8. Cone tool with serrated on opposite end - The cone tool helps you hollow out flower centers for your stamen placement and tops of buds. After petals have been formed on flowers, spear center of flower with serrated side of tool to create natural-looking centers. Use cone side to create larger well in center of flower. The serrated end is used to emboss a star pattern or mark divisions in tubular flowers. It also adds veining and dot details.

9. Ball tool with large tip and small tip - This tool is great for cupping and smoothing any size gum paste or fondant petal with out tearing. It thins the edges of gum paste leaves and petals.

As I find more uses for the above tool, I will keep updating here. Hope this post is useful for all fondant tool set users.

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